Electric HVAC Tables, Automation and Control

Electric HVAC Tables, Automation and Control

HVAC Systems
The HVAC installation (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is one of the major subspecialties of mechanical engineering. The objective of the HVAC system design is to combine environmental comfort with other factors such as the costs of installation, ease of maintenance and energy efficiency.

We execute projects, provide, we set up and maintain:
– Electric Tables of air conditioning, heating and ventilation;
– Electric Tables systems smoke control and ventilation;
– Integration with centralized technical management systems.

Command, Control and Automation
Automation is a set of techniques that can be applied to a process making it more efficient, ie maximizing production with lower energy consumption, both human and material and the information inherent in the process.

We have technical capacity for a variety of control and automation solutions:
– Industrial automation;
– Home automation.
We give you the solution for your system to the field level, control and / or supervision.

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