Condensers Batteries

Condensers Batteries

Every day, in our professional lives, we have the power to contribute to the overall goal of implementing energy saving solutions for compensation of reactive power. Furthermore we can help our customers reduce their energy bills and their environmental impact.
Together with our partners we have a full range products and services that contribute to the quality of energy and significantly to energy efficiency.

Compensation of reactive power has the following advantages:
-Elimination Reactive energy bill;
-reduction Of the active energy losses in the cables as a result of the currents flowing in the installation (about 3%);
-Reduced The voltage drops and improvement of voltage levels at the end of the line;
-Increase The active power available with the same facility and equipment.

A service tailored to your needs.
We have a technical body that helps you determine the equipment adapted to your installation, analyzing the site to its power grid and proposing the best technical and economic solution.

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