Column Frames / Count Boxes

Column Frames / Count Boxes

LOW VOLTAGE DIRECTIVE 2006/95 / EC – Decree Law 6/2008 of 11 January.
EN 61439-1 – Low voltage switchgear assemblies. Part 1: General requirements.
EN 61439-2 – Low voltage switchgear assemblies. Part 2: Power equipment sets.
EN 60439-3 – Low Voltage Switchgear Assemblies – Part 3 – Particular requirements for low-voltage switchgear assemblies with use accessible to unqualified persons – Switchboard.

Wrappings for tables columns are metallic, however, after electrified has insulation equivalent to class II, ensuring that: The bare captive parts (such as, for example, buses, and connection terminals not isolated) are separated from all parts of conductor by a distance not less than 20 mm; · Cover in transparent polycarbonate, the bus box and exits protection.
The columns frame consists of:
– General Court Case: Should be simultaneous cutting on all captives drivers;
– Bus Box: should establish the link between the isolator box and outputs sandboxes;
– Output Protection Box: Equipped with NH bases, disconnectors 22×58 or 14×51.

Note: Product as or on request.

Centralization Count
The Electricity counters Centering appears on the market with the clear objective of improving the quality of electrical installations; facilitate the installer’s work; reduce waste materials on site, thus contributing to a better environment; readability energy count by the distributor; avoid fire hazards; facilitate possible individual power increases because each customer has a direct feed to centralization.

EN 61439-2 – Low voltage switchgear assemblies. Part 2: Power equipment sets.
Ordinance 949-A / 2006 of 11 September – Techniques of Electrical Low Voltage Installations Rules (RTIEBT).
DIT-C14-140 / N – Rules for the design of the tables or counting panels – Centralization Count in buildings.

The count of centralization is sized (in space) for three-phase inputs and three-phase metering equipment, even if the installation is designed for single-phase, in order to allow the future passing a three-phase single-phase input.
The counting is performed with centralization of casings class II with a transparent lid which allows easy reading, control of the counting equipment and other elements.
The count centering caps are fixed by screws with the possibility of sealing.
The busbar box can accommodate the busbar and fuses, or may be separate boxes used for the busbar and fuses.
It comprises a stereo set (disconnectors, cable and connectors) for each count of equipment to be installed.
The count of centralization priority respects the electrical design. If indicated in the project, disconnectors 14×51 will be installed, although the DIT-C14-140 / N inadvisable installation.

The switchgear assemblies comprise:
– Disconnect Switch 14×51 (pole or unipolar), rigid cable 10 mm2 and connection terminals (4-pole or 2-pole);
– Disconnectors 22×58 (pole or unipolar), rigid cable 16 mm2 and connection terminals (4-pole or 2-pole).

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