Intelligent Solutions KNX

Intelligent Solutions KNX

The search for technical management of buildings continues to grow. Use KNX to control your installation.
For comfort safety and profitability in energy consumption, whether at home or in your workplace look for KNX.
With this intelligent solution will also have the control and monitoring of the entire installation.

KNX: A simple approach with many advantages

Low operating costs result in energy savings
Heating and lighting are only on when needed. In addition, the lighting can be automatically controlled depending on the outside of the coming light intensity, thereby maintaining the minimum light level specified for each environment, decreasing power consumption.

Saving time
Linking all communication equipment via a single bus cable reduces considerably the installation time and space. A single manufacturer and a single standalone application (ETS – Engineering Tool Software) enables the design, engineering and configuration of installations using the product with the KNX certification. As the application is independent of any manufacturer, the integrator can combine products from different manufacturers with different connecting means (twisted pair, radio frequency, power line or IP / Ethernet) to one installation.

Flexibility and adaptability to future developments
A KNX installation can be easily adapted to new applications and easily expanded. New components can be easily connected to the existing bus installation.

The Answer: KNX – The only STANDARD protocol open in the world for the management of residential buildings and offices

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