UPS / Stabilizers

UPS / Stabilizers

Uninterruptible Power Supply
A UPS is a device that is designed to isolate and protect loads and the equipment connected to its output, the various disorders and anomalies from the power grid, as well as phenomena of atmospheric origin, which can cause damages, not only in physical equipment and associated hardware appropriate to the level of data and all the information and associated software.
It also eliminates cuts and power outages, as well as micro cuts, allowing the work and the uninterrupted operation of protected equipment and systems.
In addition to corrective action UPS also has a preventive action and interacts with the user, informing him of the problems, alarms, and multiple instances in advance.

According to the partners in this line of work, Action Electric offers a complete range of UPS’s for any autonomy, with all kinds of available technologies, including On-Line Double Conversion VFI, with any type of input and output and all the accessories and options available that allow satisfy the most specific technical requirements and more demanding, being suitable for any type of application, among which, computing, home automation, laboratory, medical, hospital, industrial, transportation, telecommunications, among others.

Voltage Stabilizers
As the UPS, voltage stabilizers are an added value for the protection of electrical and electronic equipment.
The main function of a stabilizer is to make the output voltage that powers the equipment connected with it on as far as possible, equal to the ideal mains supply, ensuring that the fluctuations in the voltage supply are compensated and its output to maintain a stable value , preventing them from being experienced by equipment and thus to prevent damage thereto.
The vast majority of stabilizers also has electronic filters whose purpose is to suppress noise and voltage spikes.

– Extends the life of appliances;
– Reduces equipment failures index;
– Maintains stable power grid;
– Attenuates noise, interference and lightning;
– Protects against under-voltage and over-voltage of the power grid;
– Acts in cases of overcharging and overheating;
– Indicates events grid.

The voltage stabilizer is an efficient solution, moderate cost, recommended for those who want to protect their equipment (hardware) against variations (oscillations) voltage spikes and noise present in the power lines.
Nothing more important to an electronic equipment that a stable power grid, filtered and protected!

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